"Working with Theatre ADAD on developing the ideas for a performance, and delivering it at our conference was a pleasure from start to finish. They took our delegates on a journey, people were moved, excited, engaged and inspired. If you want something that will really grab attention and get people thinking and doing, I would recommend Theatre ADAD." - Lisa Wintersteiger, Development Manager, Public Legal Education Network.

The addition of elements of performance and/or interactivity to a conference can greatly enhance the impact of the day, and ultimately the desired learning outcomes. 

What could potentially be a passive, received experience, can be transformed into a more accessible, active, dynamic event where delegates are given a greater opportunity to be heard, to share ideas and to gain a wider understanding of the issues being addressed. 

ADAD has a wealth of experience working in conference settings. We work alongside the conference organisers to ensure that our input fully compliments the aims and objectives of the event. Where appropriate, existing ADAD Programmes (or adapted versions) can be used, or we can provide newly commissioned work which is specifically designed to support the themes of the event and/or individual speakers.


Legal Empowerment Conference - PLENET (Public Legal Education Network):

ADAD was commissioned to perform 2 pieces at the Annual Conference. The first was an adaptation of an existing play on domestic violence ( Behind Closed Doors) and the second was a newly commissioned piece on housing and homelessness.

Both were designed to look at the lack of legal capability amongst some young people as well as to demonstrate ways that delegates might themselves try to work more 'interactively'.

ADAD facilitated interactive discussion on both issues as well as co-facilitating a workshop looking at some of the interactive techniques used.

"Fantastic, enjoyable, impactful" - from a delegate's evaluation form

"Brilliant example of bringing legal issues to life and sparking discussion" - from a delegate's evaluation form

"Excellent! Exciting! Very useful for us in terms of thinking about how to engage at hearts and feelings level" - from a delegate's evaluation form


'Living Well With Dementia: A National Strategy' - London Development Centre:

ADAD was commissioned to create a short play and interactive workshop to support the launch of the Government Green/White Paper: 'Living Well With Dementia: A National Dementia Strategy'.

This input was designed to highlight and trigger debate on a range of issues associated with dementia: targeting senior policy makers; care managers; carers; as well as relatives of, (and those representing) sufferers of the illness. This was performed at a series of events throughout London, hosted by The London Development Centre.


Safeguarding Adults Review - Westminster Social Services:

ADAD was commissioned to create 3 new scenarios (each supported by facilitated discussion) around some of the key issues arising from the 'No Secrets' Guidance.

Each scenario was designed to highlight and trigger debate around a number of issues associated with the care, welfare and 'safeguarding' of vulnerable adults

These scenarios were also used for a Choice and Control Board Launch event for disabled service users and for a series of consultation events run by the London Development Centre.


Event Promoting The Use Of Restorative Practice Across 5 London Boroughs - Lewisham Council:

ADAD's involvement at this event was two fold.

Firstly, one of ADAD's pre-existing programmes, Face to Face, was used to demonstrate the mechanism of Restorative Justice. A facilitated discussion then explored the impact and effects for each of the characters within the play, both of the underlying offence committed and of the Restorative Conference that follows.

Secondly, ADAD performed 2 short scenarios and facilitated interactive discussions with delegates. These were a vehicle to look at how Restorative Practises can be used specifically within communities to resolve disputes.


The Arts Alliance Creative Resource Event - Anne Peaker Centre:

ADAD was asked to observe the morning workshop discussions, and then create scenarios to demonstrate the main pitfalls encountered by arts workers working within prisons and other criminal justice settings. ADAD used these scenarios to facilitate interactive discussion about the issues arising with the whole conference.


Perpetrators Conference - Dacorum Domestic Violence Forum:

ADAD was commissioned to create a new play with supporting interactive elements to raise awareness of and trigger debate on the issues facing those who work with perpetrators of domestic violence.

Through portraying the experience and 'mindset' of a perpetrator, delegates wre encouraged to adopt a more 'hands-on' approach to problem solving issues around working with domestic abusers.


In addition to the above (most recent) events, ADAD's work has also been used at a series of conferences for Business In The Community, at the launch of the Government Green Paper, 'Tackling Drugs Together' and at a National Probation Service Conference. ADAD has also provided input at conferences run by Regional Community Safety & Crime Prevention Partnerships; Crime Stoppers; Domestic Violence Forums; Housing Associations; Police Authorities and Careers and Youth Services.