drugs and
substance abuse

relationships and
domestic violence

knife crime

teenage pregnancy
and sexual health

consequences of

skills for independent living


bullying and emotional literacy

primary to

alcohol misuse

exploring diversity and community cohesion


Theatre ADAD currently provides a series of standard, pre-existing programmes which are approximately 2 hours long.  All programmes are extensively researched with key working professionals, interest groups, partner organisations and young people themselves.  The programmes are then created by a group of experienced actor teachers. 

Typically each programme consists of:

A play / performance

These are usually up to about 30 minutes long and are designed to engage, entertain and stimulate the audience.  They tell a story about the issue and create readily identifiable characters, dilemmas and moments of conflict and choice.  The play leaves the audience ‘active’, wanting to discuss and explore what they have seen and wanting to resolve the problems that characters might be facing.

A Workshop

These are interactive ways of discussing and exploring the issues in depth.  The workshops are non didactic, in that they do not tell the participants what to think, what to do or how to behave.  It is through discussion and active involvement that the audience learn and discover for themselves ways of dealing with a host of situations and dilemmas (by meeting and challenging characters from the play, being given the opportunity to take part in scenes from the play and trying to change the course of events) .  ADAD staff create a safe environment where participants feel they can be open and honest and that their thoughts and opinions are valued.

A Teachers Pack

Most of the pre-existing programmes come with Teachers Notes.  As well as being an information resource, these comprehensive packs offer suggested lesson plans for follow up work and information about agencies that offer other support and resources.

The pre-existing programmes are:

Drugs Education – ‘Wasted’

Relationships and Domestic Violence – ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Teenage Pregnancy, Sexual Health and Alcohol – The Morning After’

Offensive Weapons and Street Crime – ‘Crossing The Line’

The Consequences of Offending – ‘Facing Up’

Transition Between Years 6 and 7, Bullying and Personal Safety – ‘Moving On Up’

Depression  – ‘Inside Out’

Understanding Restorative Justice – ‘Face To Face’

Personal Safety for Over 60's – ‘Sunny Side of the Street’