In addition to working with young people within the education sector, ADAD provides a range of training services. 

Training for teaching and other professionals

ADAD can provide a range of services for professionals who have specific responsibility for the education, protection and well-being of young people.  This training falls into two broad categories.

Skills-based training for teachers
and other professionals:

ADAD can create tailor-made training packages to help professionals gain or refresh their theatre or drama-based skills for working directly with young people.  As such we can deliver training on the use of role-play, interactive discussion, group facilitation and the creation or devising of pieces of drama.  We can also provide skilled professionals to provide input on the use of other art forms, such as music, mask work and dance.

Issue-based training for teachers and other professionals:

ADAD can also provide training packages on specific issues.  These can be tailor-made workshop packages designed to enhance professional understanding of specific issues (drugs, sexual health, domestic violence etc.), or can be an adaptation of existing education programmes to provide a young person’s perspective on a particular issue and to raise debate.

This training can be delivered within a staff INSET day, as a bespoke workshop or within a conference setting.

Working with young people outside the education system

ADAD can provide either skills-based, or issue-based training services for young people either within or on the periphery of the Criminal Justice System and other more Specialist Groups beyond the traditional education system.

Generally, this training will be given within a Workshop setting, although existing education Programmes can also be adapted for issue-based work.

Here, skills-based work will generally focus on communication, presentation and interpersonal skills such as anger management, mediation, self-presentation, interview and job-seeking skills.

Working with at-risk or vulnerable adults

can provide training for groups of vulnerable or at risk adults.  Predominantly working within Prisons, with the Over 60’s or with other Specialist Groups.  Again, this can be both issue or skills-based and generally comprises a specifically created Workshop programme, and/or the use of existing education Programmes.

Working within industry

ADAD can also provide a range of training services for use within industry.  These can be either issue-based and/or skills-based. 

The principals of interactivity and self-discovery learning can be readily applied to much wider contexts than schools based education and with similarly successful effect. 

Issue-based within industry:

ADAD can provide a range of training packages that can be used to raise awareness and improve understanding of specific issues of concern amongst a workforce.  Issues such as the impact of drug and alcohol use, personal and family relationships, sexual health; diversity and tolerance can therefore be addressed as part of an employer’s commitment to the care and social well-being of its staff. 

This can be in the form of adapted existing Programmes, bespoke Workshops, and/or newly Commissioned work. 

Skills-based within industry:

ADAD can provide a range of training services to assist in staff skills development.  Bespoke packages can be created to provide a range of realistic training scenarios, designed to challenge, analyse and build a range of interpersonal skills.

We can provide training packages to develop presentation, negotiation, facilitation, conflict resolution, communication, customer care and customer service skills.