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ADAD is a specialist Education & Training company. 

Established in 1992, we have built a widespread reputation for delivering high quality, innovative and effective education & training packages that address a spectrum of Social Responsibility and Personal Safety issues. 

What do we do? 

ADAD’s central ethos is to make learning an active experience.  We combine elements of performance, discussion, role-play and active participation to make learning fun, dynamic and ultimately effective. 

By seeking to generate an emotional engagement from participants (as opposed to a purely analytical and intellectual one), we aim to precipitate learning by generating a desire to discuss, analyse, question, express and share ideas. 

Through adopting an open, safe, non-didactic learning environment, participants are encouraged to discover for themselves solutions to problems, alternative perspectives and are ultimately helped to further develop and implement their reasoning and communication skills.

ADAD provides a range of structured education programmes as well as specialist and bespoke workshop programmes, provides training services, input for conferences and is happy to take commissions for new work.

Who do we work with? 

Young People:

Historically, ADAD has worked with young people, seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand and ultimately, to affect positively and influence their attitudes towards these. 

Through such (early) intervention, we seek to prevent or dissuade young people from embarking on behaviour that could be deemed as anti-social, criminal, dangerous or unhealthy. 

ADAD works extensively within Mainstream Education (primary and secondary schools) as well as those who are potentially more vulnerable and "at risk", within Special Needs schools, Pupil Referral Units and Young Offenders Institutes and other Specialist Groups in and out of formal education. 

In addition to working with young people, ADAD also provides education and training tools for adults. 

We can directly address socially relevant issues with specifically targeted groups, such as those in Prisons, the Over 60’s and others who are potentially vulnerable or at risk (Specialist Groups). We also provide information and awareness-raising events amongst groups of professionals who share specific responsibility for young people or vulnerable adults, at Conference and other Training events. 

Additionally, ADAD can provide bespoke training packages for professionals working within the education, health, and social service sectors as well as within industry.

Social Responsibility & Personal Safety

The majority of ADAD’s work falls within the ‘Social Responsibility and Personal Safety’ arena. 

Within education therefore, we address issues that are associated with day-to-day social living that lie beyond the traditionally recognised academic curriculum.  Programmes therefore tend naturally to support a large proportion of the Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE) curriculum within schools.   

Beyond the formal education environment, ADAD’s work again predominantly addresses issues associated with day-to-day life, (personal safety, crime prevention, responsible citizenship, etc.) and, within industry, with the health, safety and overall social welfare of employees and staff.


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