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Theatre ADAD has worked in a number of prisons and YOI's across the UK, using both pre-existing programmes and running specialist workshops and residencies.

In August 2000, ADAD's Behind Closed Doors was endorsed by HM Prison Services - Education Services as "a powerful tool that can be used to support the delivery of social and life skills programmes (parent craft, improving assertiveness, decision making, personal development and cognitive skills.)"

More recently, ADAD has worked with The Thames Valley Partnership to create a programme to raise an awareness of the principles of restorative practices. In 2002 / 2003, Face to Face toured to a series of prisons and YOI's across the country.

Here follow some quotes from inmates and staff who have received ADAD's work:

"It made me look deep into my heart what affect my drug problem was having on people mostly the victims. I used to look upon the houses I broke into as just another house. But just something simple like the actors and the play opened my eyes. I started putting faces to my crimes, which had a big impact on me."
-  Prisoner, Bristol

"Comments are: Fantastic - Brilliant - Valuable - Constructive - Enjoyable - Great - Excellent! There was also a request that you came every week! It was amazine the way some men involved themselves in this proves which they would normally shy away from."
- Officer, Drugs Rehabilitation Wing, Thames Valley

"It made me understand what the victim has gone through."
- Prisoner, HMP Bullingdon

"Insight into how the victim feels - before it was just a faceless person."
- Prisoner, HMP Bullingdon

"You feel how the victim feels."
- Prisoner, HMP Woodhill






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