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In addition to young people, ADAD recognises that the same basic principals of interactive learning can be applied equally to adults.

As such, we can offer a range of services and interventions for varying groups of adults (teachers, parents, health and social professionals, the business community etc), to achieve a number of different outcomes.

Adult Education:

can provide adaptations of its existing programmes for adult audiences, or provide bespoke workshop packages, or take on commissions for new work specifically address the needs and abilities of individual groups. 

We can provide services in a range of specialist environments (including the criminal justice system), working with adults who are potentially vulnerable or at risk, or who would otherwise benefit from additional educational input.  This education can be issue or skills-based, or indeed, a combination of the two.


Equally, an interactive approach to learning proves to be a highly effective training tool.  As such, ADAD can work with adults within their working environment and can again undertake issue or skills-based work.

Whilst we have particular strengths in working with adults who share a professional responsibility for the care and well-being of others, many of our training services have equal impact and applicability within wider industry.