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Stress and Depression

Inside Out was developed in 2002, in partnership with Hertfordshire Careers Service and Connexions.

Target audience

Inside Out is suitable for young people in Mainstream Education and Pupil Referral Units aged from 13 upwards. The programme would also be suitable for Conference and Training events.


To explore stress and depression amongst young people and some of the possible causes and symptoms.

- To look at possible strategies that young people who are suffering stress and / or depression can employ to seek external intervention and support.

- To show that issues of stress and depression are far more prevalent than often assumed and show sufferers that they are not alone.

- To discuss how an individual may be able to recognise the symptoms and offer help and support to a sufferer.

- To promote a wider social understanding and acceptance of depression and to facilitate an open and honest discussion about the issue.

The play

The play tells the story of Adam, his girlfriend Becky and his best mate, Rich. Adam, an energised and popular 18 year old, has done well at school, adores football and is very contented in his relationship with Becky. However, things change when he gets his exam results and has not achieved the grades he needs to go to college. It is the beginning of a decline. Adam starts to isolate himself more and more, he lacks energy and feels constantly ill, he even loses interest in football and his relationship with Becky.

Adam tries talking to Rich and Becky about how he is feeling. Rich is uncomfortable, he tries to change the subject and tells Adam to just 'cheer up'. Becky believes his behaviour is about her and their relationship and says if he is unhappy, he should have the courage to just finish their relationship. It backfires when Adam confused and in despair does so. Becky walks out, leaving Adam alone in bed feeling isolated, deserted and as if he has pushed away his two closest friends.

The workshop

In the workshop the audience are encouraged to look at how Adam might be feeling. What is it really like to suffer from stress and / or depression? How do you know when to seek outside intervention? Where can you go for help and what kind of help might you be offered?

The audience then consider the behaviour of Adam's friends. Were they aware of how how he was feeling? How well did they deal with the situation? The audience are able to meet Adam's friends and offer them suggestions as to how they could have dealt better with the situation and supported Adam.

Finally volunteers are invited to take the place of both Rich and Becky in short scenarios and attempt to implement some of these suggestions.


There is a great deal of information and advice on the internet which you can find by just typing "depression" into your search engine. Two suggestions of websites are: