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Substance Misuse

was launched in 1994 and was developed and piloted with the support of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance as part of their Community Involvement programme.

Target audience

Wasted is suitable for young people in Mainstream Education aged from 10 to 14. It is an extremely adaptable programme and has also proved to be very successful with older age groups and in Pupil Referral Units. The programme has also been used in parent awareness sessions and Conference and Training events by organisations such as Business in the Community.


- To identify the wide range of substances available, both legal and illegal.

- To distinguish between medical and non-medical use.

- To look at the possible health and social consequences of drug misuse.

- To dispel myths and stereotypes, offering accurate, credible information.

- To address issues of personal responsibility and informed choice.

- To promote the necessary life skills to resist peer pressure / influence and implement personal choice.

The play

The play tells the story of Ryan, the 'new' boy, and traces his journey from relative innocent to being a seasoned drug user. The play closes as Ryan is in crisis. Having been seen dealing drugs, he flees and hides. Confused, paranoid, and scared, he is abandoned by his friends and faces an uncertain fate as the police begin to follow his trail.

The workshop

The workshop takes its lead from the ideas, comments and questions raised by the young people. Throughout, any misinformation is corrected and necessary and appropriate additional information conveyed, according to the experience, understanding, ability and needs of the group. What are drugs? How do they work in our bodies? What effects do they have? What are the dangers associated with drug misuse?

Attention is turned to the play and the characters in it. The audience is invited to meet characters from the play and challenge and discuss their behaviour. The characters defend and excuse their behaviour, requirung a deeper analysis and more varied approach from the audience.

Finally, the audience are asked to identify important moments of choice for the characters within the play. These moments can be re-run and an audience member is invited to take part as one of the characters to see if they can change / influence the outcome.

A comprehensive resource pack is available with this programme.


If you would like information or advice on drug related issues, go to:

Or telephone 0800 77 66 00
Talk to Frank offers 24 hour information, can give help and advice about drug related issues and can refer you to local drug services if you wish.

D World is run by Drugscope and pitched at 11 to 14 year olds.